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About Us

Welcome to Refoamed, a family-owned business steeped in furniture making. Our team, a blend of seasoned entrepreneurs and young innovators, is driven by a shared vision. We strive to create exceptional, sustainable products. Our dedication gave birth to Oxymesh®, a groundbreaking technology.It’s more than a product; it’s a revolution in comfort. Crafted with precision, Oxymesh® symbolizes our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Tradition meets innovation in our family business.Join us. Experience the difference that Oxymesh® makes today.

While our production is based in Serock, Poland, we also maintain an office in the capital city of Warsaw.

We take great pride in delivering quality that exceeds European standards. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring you receive the highest level of craftsmanship and satisfaction.


We understand how important certifications are to our clients. That’s why we ensure our products are only certified by the best.

The CE mark is a certification that signifies a product’s compliance with health, safety, and environmental standards within the European Economic Area (EEA). It ensures that the product meets EU legislation, enabling its free movement within the European market.


Oxymesh® Technology

Our groundbreaking innovation, is currently in the process of obtaining a patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This patent will serve as a testament to the uniqueness and ingenuity of our technology, providing us with exclusive rights to its use and application.

The patent application process is a rigorous one, involving a thorough examination of our technology to ensure it is novel, inventive, and industrially applicable. The WIPO’s approval will further validate the distinctiveness of Oxymesh® Technology, setting it apart in the market.

We are currently in the patent pending process for our production method, structure, and polyethylene bonding techniques.

How Was The Oxymesh® Invented?

In a world grappling with the ecological challenges of mattress recycling, a young student was deeply troubled by the environmental impact of traditional foam and down solutions in mattresses and pillows. The waste, the lack of sustainability, and the sheer volume of non-recyclable materials were alarming.

While working on a scientific paper during his studies, the student delved into the global problem of mattress ecology. The more he researched, the more he became convinced that there had to be a better way. A way to create comfort without compromising the planet.

One day, while browsing a Japanese internet forum, he stumbled upon an incredible method of production that caught his eye. It was a process that involved the use of polymer fibers and extrusion. An idea began to form in his mind, a spark of inspiration that would lead him down a path of innovation.

He saw the potential to replace traditional foam and down with something revolutionary. He envisioned a structure composed of polymer fibers, produced through extrusion, that could be both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The next three years were a whirlwind of experimentation, testing, and relentless pursuit of perfection. 76 prototypes were created, each one a step closer to the ideal structure he had envisioned. The process was painstaking, filled with trials and errors, but he never lost sight of his goal.

Finally, after countless hours of hard work, Oxymesh® was born. A technology of the future, designed to replace classic foam and down solutions in mattresses and pillows. A structure that was not only comfortable but also sustainable.

Oxymesh® was more than just a product; it was a symbol of innovation, a testament to human ingenuity, and a step towards a more sustainable future. The creator’s dedication to solving a global problem had led to a breakthrough that could change the way we sleep, and more importantly, the way we treat our planet.

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